Freedom is an inside job

In Freedom Is an Inside Job, Zainab Salbi explores her own riveting journey to wholeness—and how embarking on such a journey enables each of us to create the world we want to live in.

After years of working as a successful CEO and change-maker, Salbi realized that if she wanted to confront and heal the shadows of the world, she needed to face her own shadows first—and this could only be done by looking within. Through personal anecdotes, real-life stories, parables, and insightful guidance, Salbi takes us through a process of self-discovery. We learn to uncover our hidden motives and desires so we can live in alignment with our authentic values. “As long as we are conflicted within, we will continue to live in conflict without,” writes Salbi. “If we want to change the world, we must begin with ourselves.”

” If you want to know what true self power is then read this book. Zaineb Salbi , a modern day icon of empowerment and an inspiration to millions of women and to men like myself shares her journey from an environment of subjugation and cruel circumstances to inner freedom and leadership.The poet Rumi said ” Why do you stay in prison when the door is wide open ?” The prison is the mind forged shackles of our own conditioning . Zainab’s book will open your inner eye to the beauty of your own being. “

-Deepak Chopra

“Not often does a book hold up a mirror to our souls, helping us to find courage and inspiration from within. Here Salbi gives us an extraordinary personal story, told with touching candidness that, though unique to her life, will deeply resonate with women all across the world. Her human approach to hard issues is shaped by compassion, intelligence, and emotional wisdom. Deeply human, sensitive, and sturdy, Salbi’s writing will heal hearts.”

-Elif Safak

 “A true spiritual seeker must eventually search inside her own self. This Zainab Salbi does with great consistency and courage in Freedom Is an Inside Job. Sharing her discoveries with determination and resolve, she demonstrates what is possible for anyone who sincerely desires to be part of a new imagination for changing the world.”

-Alice Walker

“Freedom comes from telling our own story, and empathy comes from listening to the stories of people very different from us. Zainab Salbi inspires us to do both. May her book help create bridges to a much bigger and kinder world.”

-Gloria Steinem

“What Zainab Salbi has given us with this book is a tremendous act of courage. Freedom Is an Inside Job is a deeply felt revelation of Zainab’s heart and mind and her hopes for a better world. She provides for us all an example of what searching within ourselves can look like, and the powerful results of such a journey. We owe her no less than our thanks, but also to follow her exacting lead.”

-Mychal Denzel Smith

“In this prescient and timely work, Salbi offers us a path to personal authenticity and freedom. It is an inner journey that demands we see with absolute clarity both the light and darkness we harbor within.”

-Sharon Salzberg

“Zainab Salbi has written exactly the book we need for our fear-ridden and divided world. It’s time for each of us to do our own work and embody the change we want to see; only then, from a place of fullness, can we light the way ahead. Read this book and then help point the way for others.”

—Arianna Huffington

“There could not be a more critical time to read this book—and act as it recommends—than now, in these incredibly divisive times. In beautiful prose, and with extraordinarily moving stories, Zainab Salbi shows us how we can open ourselves to ourselves—and then to others—and actually then reach across seemingly impossible divides to achieve healing for the human condition. All of us who seek justice—and anybody who seeks understanding—must start here, with compassion. This book is like a salve for our collective wounds—we all need it now.”

-Saru Jayaraman

Freedom Is an Inside Job is a remarkable testament to the adage that only what we achieve inwardly can change outer reality. Zainab Salbi’s courageously honest journey to excavate her innermost truths and reveal her truest self is a precious gift for anyone who aspires to live their fullest and truest life. It’s equally an essential guide for leaders devoted to making the lives of others better. Readers who join Zainab on her quest for true freedom will be inspired to emulate her humble and bold example.”
-Dov Seidman

How to Befriend Your Own Darkness

Zainab Salbi talks about exploring your own darkness, your own shadow, to understand what is affecting others and meet each other in peaceful conversation.

Stopping Our "Us Vs. Them" Mentality to Come Together

Zainab Salbi guides us through how we can stop dividing everything and everyone into the good, the bad, the ugly and realizing we are all human, and we need to come together to make a difference in the world.

What Does it Mean to Be a Self-Aware Activist?

Sometimes activists are those that need self-reflection most. Zainab Salbi relates her journey of turning her focus inward, so she can more effectively serve others in her outward activism.

The Power of Surrender and Realizing True Purpose

Always attached to the outcomes and results? This can lead to chronic disappointment, but Zainab Salbi brings a practice in letting go of control. In that space of surrender, that is where we experience beauty, community, and purpose.

Zainab Salbi's Meditation for Self-Love

We tell ourselves too often “I’m not good enough.” Activist and author, Zainab Salbi presents a self-compassion meditation that will reveal your own inner beauty and bring lasting happiness.